Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kris Aquino seeks legal separation from James Yap

I knew it from the start of their relationship that they never going to last. Kris is taking the necessary steps at the soonest possible time to end their relationship legally. James tried to save their marriage but Kris is the one wants a separation. I think in my opinion it's really hard to have a relationship with Kris. They all end up with a separation with a controvery with it. Here is the link to this gossip.

3 chatters:

Kawawa naman ang anak nila... I don't think someone could stand her kasi she seems to be controlling hehehe..

don't know these folks. sometimes relationships are never going to work.

na mabuang ko ni Kris...murag sumhanon man kau ni sya woi...tawon...daghan na laki nilabay sa iya.


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