Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dresses up in drag after Justin Bieber

Can you guess this Phil-Am actor? This is KC Montero dresses up in drag after Justin Bieber follows him on Twitter. KC Montero is one of the few Pinoy celebrities who's very active in Twitter. This is just a gimmick that takes the cake: with wig, a dress, and tons of makeup. Yes, the tall and bulky macho male celebrity is dressing up in drag. July 12, The KC Show featured KC dressing up as a woman. Shown live on the Web was KC's transformation from a brute to a butterfly named "Cassandra Monteroid."

KC wore a wig from Angel Locsin, a dress from Sarah Meier, and makeup applied live by Bubbles Paraiso. He took on the drag challenge campaign for Justin Bieber to follow him on twitter.

Justin Bieber is a young international popstar popular for his songs "Baby" and "One Time." The 16-year old singer has millions of fans all over the world, composed mostly of pre-pubescent girls.

I thought KC turn gay now like Rustom padilla. He looks pretty though. He looks like TV host Iya Villania.

4 chatters:

nyahaha funny looking.. Crush ko yan hahaha.

hahaha... hilarious looking dude :)

Bon Vivant

gwafa kau sya...d jud sya mailhan nga si KC....:)


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